There have been significant advances in grid modernization technologies which will play a major role in increasing the efficiency, reliability, security and sustainability of the electric grid infrastructure in the United States.

The promise of the smart grid is creating the next wave of innovation and opportunity in the utilities industry. Continuing grid improvements will not only improve efficiency and reduce cost, but will empower consumers by enabling them to manage their own energy usage and conserve energy.

To make the smart grid a reality, utilities must have greater IT capabilities than ever before. We help utilities prepare for a new era of integrated grid, transmission, distribution and generation technology systems. Our seasoned professionals currently help the nation’s top utilities in the following areas:

  • Asset Management

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Customer Relationship Management & Billing

  • Demand Response

  • Distribution Management

  • Mobile Workforce Management

  • Regulatory Compliance & Controls


Strategic, Enterprise-Wide IT Staffing Solutions – Major Electric Utility

NobleSoft consistently outperforms its peers is enterprise-wide, strategic IT staffing in the Utilities industry. We are the top provider of IT staffing services for the one of the nation’s largest utility companies, and a top-performing IT staffing vendor for others around the country. Our key differentiator is our nationwide network of relationships with the best technical talent in the industry. Our team of recruiters and account managers partner with clients to provide the most qualified, reliable IT consultants, who also have previous industry experience at an unbeatable value. This has resulted in hundreds of successful engagements in the areas of application development, software testing, project management, systems engineering, network engineering, enterprise architecture and security.

Product Development and Testing – Smart Grid Solutions Company

Several technology companies have risen to the challenge to make the smart grid a reality. In addition to partnering directly with major utilities, we provide technology staffing solutions to several of the major companies currently developing software and hardware products that will become the platform for tomorrow’s smart grid. We have provided experienced product managers, software engineers and test engineers who have contributed to the development of advanced products now used by utilities around the world.